Pocket Landline – a landline number for your mobile

If you're a small business, it can really help to have a landline. It makes you look established. It reassures new customers and it shows them you're local. However it's no good if you spend most of your time out and about. A landline reassures customers and because it’s local, people can see where you’re based. For example if you [...]

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This summer we’re going to be delighting our customers with a whole host of treats and here’s the first of many. Two scrumptious EE SIMO offers giving customers a ‘bucket and spade load’ of data at a great price! 20GB for £17.85 •Unlimited minutes & texts •12 month plan 30GB for £21.25 •Unlimited minutes [...]

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Android phone hack, just type in a really long password!

A flaw in the Android phone lock screen gives attackers full access to locked devices and the data they contain. In a report published Tuesday, computer security researcher John Gordon documented the vulnerability and posted a video (below) of the hack. It only affects smartphones using the latest version of the Android operating system, Lollipop. [...]

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Mobile phone security tips

Today's mobile phones have come a long way in the 30 years since the first 'cellphone' call on the Vodafone network. Anything from sending and receiving emails to sports activity tracking and health apps are now a vital part of our lives. Our mobiles record a tremendous amount of information about our lives such as location, photos, shopping habits and personal banking. Whilst [...]

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Ultra secure operating system allows Blackphone data to stay hidden

Email encryption firm Silent Circle has launched the Blackphone, a supposedly spy-proof Android handset that comes pre-loaded with a suite of privacy apps. All Internet access on the phone is carried out through a virtual private network (VPN) that sends and receives data in a way that’s designed to keep it hidden by tunnelling it through a secure server hosted [...]

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