Sexploitation blackmail scam demands bitcoin ransom

Using a genuine stolen password to get a victim's attention, a new sexploitation scam threatens victims with exposing them watching pornography.  In an emailed threat, the scammer claims to have downloaded spyware on the victim's computer that enabled them to take over the victim's webcam. There are many variations of this email, however the scammer usually claims to have grabbed your email and social [...]

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GDPR and your backup data

With the deadline for  GDPR looming it's a very hot topic with considerable implications for businesses, so let’s focus on how your organisations backup data is also subject to the new regulations. Location of your backup data. Many businesses use cloud hosted backups as a convenient and secure way of ensuring their backup data is stored safely off site. [...]

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Cyber crime – a constant threat to your business.

Over the past year there have been some very high profile cyber attacks on organisations in the UK, the most infamous being that which infected the NHS in May 2017. It is not thought that this attack was originally targeted at the NHS, in fact most cyber attacks are random, exploiting email systems and insecure networks wherever they can be found. Therefore you should not [...]

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Remain secure with industry-leading cyber security software

Bitdefender GravityZone is a leading security solution for cloud and virtualised environments, offering organisations dramatically faster and more efficient risk management. Using a different architecture and unique technologies, GravityZone is #1 ranked anti-malware protection and performance. (more)

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Email security tips

One of the biggest news stories of the recent USA election process is the hacking and wikileaks release of the Hilary Clinton advisor emails. Who and why carried out these hacks is not relevant to this article, but how they were carried should be of concern to every email user, whether you are running for President or not. If  the advice below had [...]

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Concerned about PCI Compliance? – CloudSpark can help your business

Recent breaches against major retailers have put payment card industry (PCI) regulations in the spotlight. However, it isn't only online companies and website that need to worry about PCI Complicance, the rules apply to every business that relies on credit and debit cards for transactions. Even if your business employs two people and it conducts one credit-card transaction a month [...]

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Android phone hack, just type in a really long password!

A flaw in the Android phone lock screen gives attackers full access to locked devices and the data they contain. In a report published Tuesday, computer security researcher John Gordon documented the vulnerability and posted a video (below) of the hack. It only affects smartphones using the latest version of the Android operating system, Lollipop. [...]

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Mobile phone security tips

Today's mobile phones have come a long way in the 30 years since the first 'cellphone' call on the Vodafone network. Anything from sending and receiving emails to sports activity tracking and health apps are now a vital part of our lives. Our mobiles record a tremendous amount of information about our lives such as location, photos, shopping habits and personal banking. Whilst [...]

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Windows 8.1 built-in business-grade security

Running Windows 8.1 on fast, modern devices increases the speed at which you can do business and protects you from computer viruses and malicious software Windows 8 is 21 times less likely to become infected than Windows XP and 6 times less likely than Windows 7.1 Invest in growing your business, instead of costly security add-ons, with [...]

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DropBox security breach – change your password

DropBox users urged to change password due to security breach It is alleged that up to 7 million users of the online file sharing site have had their passwords compromised Hackers leaked 400 account usernames and passwords on the web yesterday evening (13th October) with a statement that they were prepared to release more in return for BitCoins, the [...]

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