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CloudSpark has over 20 years experience providing reliable, cost effective & completely customisable IT Maintenance and Support packages to organisations throughout the UK.

Our success is attributed to understanding that all customers have different requirements from their IT infrastructure

Whether it be resolving your day to day technical issues or having an expert advisor available for strategic IT discussion, we can provide a package to suit your business. From a simple pay as you use system to fully managed IT solutions with unlimited on site support we can ensure IT is working for you.

Our IT Maintenance and Support Agreements cover all areas of IT including:-

  • Free Onsite IT Audits In addition to surveying your IT infrastructure, we aim to understand your business and your IT needs.
  • Customizable & Flexible SLA’s – We will design a Maintenance Support Agreement around your requirements
  • Extensive Support We offer Onsite & Remote Support Agreements.
  • Proactive Our maintenance and services are proactive and are designed where possible to prevent issues before they occur.
  • Skilled Our Engineers are regularly trained and retrained in the latest skills and technologies required in our field of business.
  • Friendly and approachable We don’t hide behind techie speak and we strive to make your life easier with the help of technology

Jargon free, trusted and friendly IT support coming from the heart of a successful technology based business

Our support solutions

We have two main solutions that can then be further customised to your business

Fully managed IT Support, designed around your business.

Imagine having a solution driven expert at the end of the line who is recognisable by both name and face; available via phone, email or in person to resolve your day to day technical issues or be an expert advisor for your complete strategic IT needs. (More info)

Our Pay as you go IT support is a flexible Ad Hoc solution that you can add to your business ‘as and when’ you need it .

Whatever your issue, be it large or small, IT or Communications related, CloudSpark can deliver the technical know how and commitment you’d expect from any fully managed service. (More info)

Everything is covered, for total peace of mind

When we say everything, we mean it! We aren’t specific about your hardware or software, you don’t have to have a standard set of equipment and we aren’t tied to any manufacturers.

We have the skills and experience to support your existing infrastructure, from the ancient desktop pc in the corner that runs your CCTV, to highly virtualised datacentres  and anything in between.

To find out how CloudSpark could help your business, please give us a call on 01603 673160 or complete this form

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