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How to set up automatic Outlook out of office replies

Are you taking time off during the christmas and new year holiday? Don't forget to configure your automatic email replies to let people know you won't be available. Out-of-office replies let you automatically communicate relevant information when you're away on holiday or when you won't be near a computer for a few days. [...]

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Never forget to send the attachment again!

We've all sent an email, only to receive a reply moments later  saying "Sorry, you forgot the attachment" ! Now, Office 365 from Microsoft can help you avoid this time consuming and potentially embarrassing situation. Whenever you try to send an email that contains such terms  as 'attachment', 'attached' or  'enclosed', that does not actually have a file attached, Outlook will warn [...]

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Don’t Use your Trash / Deleted Items folder to store emails!

You wouldn't store your important letters and bank statements in the shredder, so please don't store your emails in the deleted items folder! Not a day goes by without seeing a computer that has fairly important/useful/absolutely vital emails sitting in the deleted items or trash folder of an email system. Many people delete emails as they go along as it is [...]

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