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GDPR and your backup data

With the deadline for  GDPR looming it's a very hot topic with considerable implications for businesses, so let’s focus on how your organisations backup data is also subject to the new regulations. Location of your backup data. Many businesses use cloud hosted backups as a convenient and secure way of ensuring their backup data is stored safely off site. [...]

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Cyber crime – a constant threat to your business.

Over the past year there have been some very high profile cyber attacks on organisations in the UK, the most infamous being that which infected the NHS in May 2017. It is not thought that this attack was originally targeted at the NHS, in fact most cyber attacks are random, exploiting email systems and insecure networks wherever they can be found. Therefore you should not [...]

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Concerned about PCI Compliance? – CloudSpark can help your business

Recent breaches against major retailers have put payment card industry (PCI) regulations in the spotlight. However, it isn't only online companies and website that need to worry about PCI Complicance, the rules apply to every business that relies on credit and debit cards for transactions. Even if your business employs two people and it conducts one credit-card transaction a month [...]

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Android phone hack, just type in a really long password!

A flaw in the Android phone lock screen gives attackers full access to locked devices and the data they contain. In a report published Tuesday, computer security researcher John Gordon documented the vulnerability and posted a video (below) of the hack. It only affects smartphones using the latest version of the Android operating system, Lollipop. [...]

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Windows 8.1 built-in business-grade security

Running Windows 8.1 on fast, modern devices increases the speed at which you can do business and protects you from computer viruses and malicious software Windows 8 is 21 times less likely to become infected than Windows XP and 6 times less likely than Windows 7.1 Invest in growing your business, instead of costly security add-ons, with [...]

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Microsoft support for Windows XP has ended

The media are reporting the support retirement of Windows XP in a similar way to the Y2k bug, however users and businesses should not panic. It doesn't mean that the operating system will cease to function or that your computers running Windows XP are at instant risk. Microsoft are withdrawing support for Windows XP and this means that there will be no more [...]

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