What is Microsoft Sway?

Marketing plans. Newsletters. Sales collateral.

Create polished business content whenever you want.

When you need great-looking business content, Sway makes it
drag-and-drop easy to create and share.

Most people have sat through the dreaded Powerpoint presentation, 99% of which are badly designed, eye straining boredom at its finest.  Often the author has employed the gimmicky motion effects or overdone the Word  Art to the point where the comic sans font looks restrained.

Many years ago I once sat through a business presentation announcing department closures and redundancies. It was most certainly not improved by the ‘bounce’ and ‘zoom’ effect attached to each new redundancy… How the author thought this was a good idea remains a mystery.

Although the actual content of sales presentations and company announcements will probably remain the same, the way in which we present has moved on since 1997. Sway doesn’t replace Powerpoint, but it is a natural evolution that aims to resolve these infamous Powerpoint symptoms…

Meetings being delayed whilst the correct version of the slideshow is found.

Missing content and duplicated pages

Excruciating animations and sound effects.

95 mouse clicks per page to bring up  a list of text.

Illegible text, content missing or placed half way off the screen.

Inability to present from anything other than a windows desktop/laptop

My personal favorite… Slides designed on ultra modern PC’s with 4K HD screens, simply looking appalling on the 15 year old projector that has been provided.

A new app for Office 365

Sway lets you combine text, graphics,
audio, video and more in professional layouts that make your messaging stand out.

Sway makes it easy

Drag and drop your content into Sway
without leaving the app. Adjust your layout
or let Sway format it for you – no complicated
or time-consuming editing required.

Sways look great on any device

Send a link to collaborate or share your content with colleagues and customers. Sway ensures that your layout will look great on any screen.

Microsoft Sway content is cloud hosted, no need for emailing back and forth to different contributors risking duplication or missing content. Multiple contributors can all access the content and make changes, update or roll back to a previous versions. Sways that you have already loaded are also available offline if wifi or mobile coverage is poor. Content can easily be embedded, no need to exit the PowerPoint to load up a video that needs a separate player.

Sway content can be edited and presented on many different devices anything from a pc to tablets, with apps now becoming available in the relevant app stores.

How do I get Sway?

Windows 10 users download here

Apple IOS users download here

Android and Windows phone downloads coming soon


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