Windows 8.1 tips and tricks – Disable the Hot Corners

With Windows 10 not on the way until later this year and in reality probably not making it to the business desktop for some time after that, we thought it would be useful to put some Windows 8.1 tips and tricks online!

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As standard, all four corner edges of the screen in Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 activate certain menus or actions

Moving to the mouse pointer to the lower left corner displays the Start menu button, while moving to the top left corner shows you the app switcher. Both the corners on the right hand side trigger the Charms bar.

Although this ‘hot corner’ system can be useful, in general many users find it annoying. Fortunately however, windows does allow you to disable this feature.

  • From the Start screen, launch the Charms bar (move the mouse to either right hand side corner), click on the Settings charm, and select the link to “Change PC settings.”
  • From the PC settings screen, select the “PC & devices” option and then select “Corners & edges.”
  • In the “Corner navigation” section, the first setting to disable is  “When I point to the upper-right corner, show Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings.”
  • The second setting to change is  “When I click the upper-left corner, switch between my recent apps.” Disable it.


Now, when you move to the upper-right corner of the screen, the Charms bar no longer appears and you can also move to the upper-left corner without activating the app switcher.

Making these changes disables the hot corners, but it doesn’t stop the features from working completely. Pressing Win+C will activate the Charms Bar. In addition the application switcher is activated by hovering over the Start button and moving up to the top of the screen.



These tips apply to Windows 8.1 and may not work with Windows 8.

If you are still using Windows 8, then you should upgrade for free to 8.1 to ensure you have the latest security fixes. If you are unsure then please ask us or your current provider for assistance.

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